I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I am British but live and work in Dresden in eastern Germany. I love living here and it's great for photography. Dresden has a beautiful iconic skyline and lots of green spaces. Close by is another great target for photographers: the Sächsische Schweiz, a range of sandstone peaks in valley of the river Elbe.

Thanks to my father, I have been around cameras for as long as I can remember. When I was a boy, he taught me the basics and gave me an old Pentax ME Super. But, it was not until later in life when I bought my first Digital SLR that I started to take photography seriously. I have a Canon 600D and an ever growing collection of lenses. I have experimented with all specialties of photography: macro, portrait, landscapes are some of my favourites, but I have had the most success with shooting cityscapes at night.

This website is my effort to start reaching a wider audience and I am looking forward to sharing my photos with you.

Mark Leaver